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Focus Enterprise is a consultant agency that provides services for those who want to continue their education in Germany. Our team are in Jakarta Indonesia and in Frankfurt am Main Germany. Our services are specialize for students in Indonesia who already finished their high school degree and those who want to continue their higher education in Germany. Focus Enterprise provides all explanations about Germany, including education system, culture, weather, student colleges, and all universities around Germany.

Education Consultant for those who want to seek higher education within the heart of Germany

Consisting of a team of study consultants based in both Jakarta and Frankfurt am Main, we are ready to bean extension of your network to ensure that though you are miles away from home expanding your study in Germany without tuition fee, you are never without guidance.

This is an era where access has become one of the crucial keys to competing educational qualifications, and Focus Enterprise is established to secure this access for you by offering personal study consultancy about higher education opportunities in Germany so you can make the best decisions. As your gate to study in Germany with free tuition and as your personal study consultant, we will provide the information you may need about the academic life in Germany, from the details of the best German universities and how tuition free they are.

How to learn German language, available courses, recommended majors and living costs in Germany, accommodations, and local guidance right from the start of the German language course in Indonesia and in Germany, so the only thing you need to focus on is your studies.

By studying in Germany, we believe you will not just experience world-class academic learning, but living in entirely different climates, lifestyles, and environments will also expose you to peers from multicultural backgrounds from which you can learn the different ways of interpersonal communication and mutual respect, reshaping you into an entirely better personality.

With our consultant team currently undertaking their own Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Germany and some of them have even completed Master’s degrees after living in Germany for years, we have fully understood and mastered every procedure and university requirement each student needs to go through, therefore academic and local guidance for Indonesian students who study in Germany has always been our specialty. Over the course of time we have helped hundreds of students learn German language and gain access to some of the best tuition free German universities spread across Germany to earn their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in their major fields of study, by assisting them with time-consuming concerns such as learning German language in Indonesia before flying to Germany take advanced German language courses, German university requirements, German visa applications, application to the best German universities of their choice and a list of numerous services you are also able to enjoy.

Our German-based study consultant are easily approachable for your study in Germany, to ensure you acquire excellent educational qualifications from the best universities in Germany, along with a set of priceless life changing experiences of connecting with friends from different cultural backgrounds, learning about their diverse traditions in supportive German language environments, and these mind opening experiences will ultimately change your view of your surroundings. This is the extent of how study in Germany with free tuition will be so much easier for you.

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