In order to provide unparalleled assistance for young ambitious students, we carefully select our study consultant who speak German language fluently as if it was their first language and know the ins and outs of Germany as if it was their home country, and mastered its educational system because they themselves are also students and alumni in Germany. Rest assured as you are always able to get the help you need from those who have thoroughly experienced study and life in Germany.

Three Pillars of Value

1. Trustworthy

Building true customer satisfaction requires trust and transparency. Our company Focus Enterprise is legally registered with details of our trusted study consultant published on our website to emphasize transparency: a promise we never compromise. As students proceed to understand how to study in Germany with free tuition, we will not only keep in touch with them for concerns they may have, but also communicate simultaneously with parents to provide actual status report about living conditions in Germany and study progress, and how we have been guiding the students every step of the way.

Having stated that our trusted study consultants have completed educational milestones in Germany and secured their own residencies there, your next academic journey will in the right hands.

2. Competence

As Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students and alumni living in Germany with years of experience cultivating connections with the best tuition free universities across Germany, we have accumulated an extensive amount of network that will be at your disposal right from the day you arrive in Germany, until the day you feel absolutely independent.

Some of our representatives in Germany and Indonesia have even successfully raised their own families and have experience working in German companies after graduating with their degrees, therefore gaining extensive local knowledge one can only learn from years of living in Germany. As we guide you, we will generously transfer all the knowledge you need to blend with the multicultural population.

3. Professional

Professionalism is one of the best bonds that bind us closer with our clients. At Focus Enterprise, what information you read on our website about studying in Germany is exactly what you will get from our study consultant, because we promise our clients what we can give, and study in Germany with free tuition is our expertise. If you prefer, we will be more than happy to meet you to discuss about how we can help you with study in Germany without tuition fee, and when we start assisting you, you will find how we have always practiced what we preach.

Professionalism also means sticking to our promise of providing you German courses in Indonesia and Germany where you learn German language, reaching out to you to track how prepared you are for the German environment, organizing orientation sessions and guiding you during your first days in Germany, along with other extensive assistances to make sure you study in Germany and become the highly competitive graduate we vow to produce in our vision statement.

Unlike some of the other study consultants for German education, our trusted study consultant is based in both Indonesia and Germany. This means you we can assure you we are never far away if you ever have concerns or need consultation.

For the last few years we have been regularly in touch with the students who studied in Germany with our assistance, who now have become alumni in Germany, to see how successful they have become, and how their international degrees have secured them positions in multinational companies, helped them grow their own businesses, or helped them become trusted engineers with the practical knowledge they learned from world-class German faculties. We see them as more than just clients, but as our impressive portfolio of competitive Indonesian graduates, and their stories become lessons and examples we use for guiding future clients like you.

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